Have you already bought the NBA 18 live game? Or are you waiting until tomorrow? Until the release of NBA 2k18? We have listed all the improvements you can find in the game and all the great new elements. Enjoy this great version of NBA 18 and all the great improvements and new elements.

Customize your player

One of the most fun things to do in the NBA 18 game is to customize your player and make sure all details are just like how you want it. It all begins with how your player looks like. You can choose the look of his hair, the tattoos he has on his skin and the kicks he is wearing. You can also choose an ability you want him to pull off, so you can set your mark on any game you play. You can also strategize against opponents by choosing from all different game-changing traits. You can choose the type of player you want to be and you can develop a tailored set of abilities.

Play in the streets or in the league

You can choose between two different places to train and play matches. You can play in the streets, play in the same iconic venues where street and NBA legends will train and play games. Are you training in the streets? You will get better and it will also show in the league. You can create your favorite team in the league and grow from a rookie to a legendary veteran.

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