On a lot of forum, 2K players complained a lot about the laggy and buggy MyGM and Myleague bugs. 2K responded fast (unlike EA most of the times..) and made a lot of good fixes. In this article you can read all about the upcoming fixes and bugs that are addressed by 2K.

Duplicate Players in NBA 2K18 and offline editor

First of all the most important fix is that you cannot make duplicate players anymore. Many of us considered this a big cheat. Great that 2K is going to fix this on as fast as possible. In the previous installment of the game you could create a player offline. The create-a-player mode offline was downgraded for the 2K18 version of the game and a lot of player in the community are sad about it.The company 2K heard the fuming fans and decided to improve this feature once again.

When are the fixes online?

Nobody knows exactly when 2K will bring out this patch with the fixes mentioned above, but we expect it soon. In the past they were really fast with improving the game. Other common issues are related to mode stability within The Neighborhood, clipping during gameplay as well as shot make-and-miss ratios. NBA 2K18 is one of the largest games available for any system, but there are areas that still need to be addressed in almost every mode.

Overal gaming experience

The new patch and title update for 2K18 will also fix a lot of minor bugs. Most of them you do not even notice while playing the game. Other bugs only some of us have noticed. We are still glad that the game, even with some bugs, is fun, playable and addicting throughout. Keep up the good work 2K! Too bad that EA does not work that well with the community and community ideas.

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