Getting to know how to play NBA2K? Start with practicing a lot. For this article we hope you already understand the basic controlling for the game. If not, you can look at the menu settings to see what all the buttons do. If you want to play better and do a lot of pro moves, you can look at the 8 tips below. If you do not succeed at first, keep practicing and try it out a lot of times. If you have practiced a lot, it will become second nature when you are playing the real games that matter.

The 8 NBA 2K18 tips that involves the controller

  1. For the bounce pass – Circle (B)
  2. For a flashy pass – Circle (B) press twice quickly
  3. For the standard chest pass – X (A on the Xbox)
  4. For an overhead pass – Triangle (Y)
  5. Press L1 to call for a pick and roll.
  6. Press L1 after calling for the pick to early slip or fade.
  7. Use R1 to switch between roll and fade.
  8. Use R2 to change pick and roll for the right side and the left side of the ball handler

How to execute it perfectly?

We can understand that by just reading the tips above, you do not understand fully how to execute the moves. Try to start at the first one and work your way down the list. If you do not succeed after 10 tries for each move, try to look it up at YouTube or other video websites. By looking at the actual in-game footage, you are more likely to succeed at every move. Good luck and if you have any questions, you can ask us below.

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